2019 Bull Sale

2019 Bull Sale 22nd August at 1pm on property “Wandaloo” Miles Qld.

This year we will have 70 bulls on offer, conditioned to go out and get the job done without any fuss. Sires represented will be Bulliac Lexus L77, Deer Valley Patriot 3222, SPRING COVE PAYGRADE 5064, LD Capitalist 316, Connealy Commonwealth, Baldridge Bronc, LT Drifter 4073 and a special offering of the first Musgrave 316 Stunner calves.

While we use Breedplan as a breeding tool, we prefer to allow the environment to tell us which cattle are performing the best in it. Anyone can do paint by numbers but it doesn’t mean you’re an artist.

You will notice that we have quite a selection of sires represented in the sale, this a conscious practice which we have employed for many years, to spread risk and offer repeat clients genetic diversity in their subsequent purchases. We back our judgement and use a lot of young and new sires to maintain a herd focused on moving forward.

These bulls are consistent in type and adhere to our core principle of breeding proper beef bulls. Broad muzzels, strong heads and jaws, with inbuilt doing ability and muscle on sound feet and legs are key to our program. These factors are why we have cows up to 19 years of age still wandering the paddocks producing calves.

If you would like to see the bulls prior to the sale date, please call and make arrangements to come and visit.

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Some of the 2017 sale bulls, our type doesn’t change much from year to year.


2017 Lot 5


2017 Lot 4

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