Bulliac Angus is a family run and owned bull breeding operation based at “Wandaloo” and “Wilga Dale”, Miles, on the Western Darling Downs of Queensland. Joe & Jennie Hill with their son Ben run the enterprise. The properties situated south-east of Miles are in Brigalow/Melon Hole country on the southern side of the Columboola creek.

All cattle are reared under Queensland commercial conditions – that’s why we say they are “Tough As Nails”.

The whole reason we are able to make such a statement is due to client feedback and our own knowledge of how our cow herd perform year after year.

We could produce and make claims of having the heaviest bulls, highest calving percentage, tightest calving period or highest carcase numbers, by drastically increasing inputs. But we believe these factors have little to do with bull longevity or performance in the real world.

Bulliac Angus is about achieving optimal production with cost effective and relevant inputs in the environment in which we live and operate.

Our cows run on pasture year round (if you can call our grasses and herbage at times that’s a fair stretch) with some lose lick / minerals. We believe that in doing this the calves learn to forage while at their mothers side, thus setting them up for the rest of their lives. Our bulls are supplemented with a pellet ration but also continue to forage in grass paddocks during this time.

With the industry going strongly at the moment we still believe it is important to maintain a herd of cattle which are suited to the environment in which they are most likely to run. If our clients all had year round crops and irrigation, then our production focus would change!

Don’t let the fact that we show cattle fool you into thinking this is a pampered herd of cows. We have cut the heads of any of our show cows who don’t go on to perform in the herd and under our general grazing conditions after their show careers. We also have plenty of proof that our show bulls still go out and live long productive lives, that’s how we have bred and fed them and wouldn’t tolerate it any other way.

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Bulliac Mildred E12


Bulliac Heartbreaker H9 – Sold to Thailand

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